Trail Creatures teammates on the summit of Rabun Bald

Who We Are

Trail Creatures is Athens Road Runners Trail Team made up of trail runners, of all levels. We have two main goals: first, to train together in the mountains in a noncompetitive and fully supported environment, providing benefits of training in a group such as safety in numbers, aid & nutrition, camaraderie, and skill sharing. Our second goal is to provide a training group for those planning to compete in trail races of distances from half marathon up to 50k and beyond.

Who Can Join?

We are open to beginners and experienced trail junkies alike. Our Mountain runs are rugged and take some getting used to, but OUR COMMUNITY IS DIVERSE  AND Mountain runs will always have multiple distance options and a sweeper to ensure no one gets left behind. We also have a hiking group!

We encourage new folks to come try out our in-town trail runs first, as part of the Athens Road Runners Trail Series runs, The ARR Trail series runs are open to all ARR members.

All of our runs will start near a campground or National Forrest campsite in the mountains. Trail Creature members will enjoy free camping, hydration support, camp fire when possible, post run food/snacks and beverages. Carpooling gas reimbursement to be provided starting summer 2021.

Our monthly mountain runs are scouted, guided, and supported by seasoned trail/mountain runners, to introduce new folks to the magic in the mountains, without the fear or risk of going it alone. All runs are zero drop, provide multiple distances, and an emergency support leader with SOS beacon and first aid.

Our community provides skill and knowledge sharing across experience and speed levels. Through Creature Comforts generous support trail team members will enjoy discounts and free race entries across a number of trail races in North Georgia and beyond

Thank you to Trail Creatures Charter Corporate Sponsor Creature for Comforts for generously providing start-up funding to make all of this possible. In addition to start-up funding Creature Comforts generously provides Trail Creatures with team apparel and beer at our camping events and select Athens Road Runners trail series runs

Meet Trail Team Captain Abigail West 

Abigail West’s favorite place in the world is probably the mountains of North Georgia. Abigail is an Athens-based artist whose ideal weekend is spent exploring new places in the mountains with her fiancé and fellow artist, Michael Ross. After several years running and racing on the roads, she discovered her joy and freedom in trail running, and has now become a competitive trail & ultra runner. She’s passionate about connecting with other runners over the magic of the mountains.